Sunday, October 31, 2010

Prospect Park Wander

It feels like Fall is finally here and to celebrate we wandered around the nooks and crannies of Prospect Park. I'm pretty familiar with the park (especially the running loop) but had never wandered into the deep interior between the Dog Beach and the running Zoo. There is a beautiful hilly bramble that transports you from the mean streets of Brooklyn into the woods of the Catskills.

After the bramble, we headed to the zoo. Despite my love of zoos, I had never been to this one and had heard it was lovely. We stopped by the carousel and the historic house before heading inside where we saw the Sea Lions, petting zoo, and the unnaturally creepy picture of this sheep. If you haven't seen the movie "Black Sheep" I recommend at least reading the summary online.

We finished up with a nice walk through Long Meadow and were treated to a beautiful sunset on the way home.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

WTC Progress

Just in case you were wondering... I can no longer see the Statue of Liberty without leaving my office chair.

Weird Weather

One of my favorite parts of my job is our perch at the south end of Manhattan with a view of the harbor and ocean to the south, the far reaches of NJ to the West, the GW Bridge to the North, and my fair Brooklyn to the east. It does a lot of alleviate my anxiety over working at the World Trade Center. While the view of the City and its surroundings is spectacular, the real beauty is watching the weather roll in.

Except when that weather includes hail storms and giant clouds of fog that envelope the Hudson.

First the giant cloud of fog. Despite my attempts to convince my office mates that it was the "end of days", the fog simply rolled from the harbor, past our building, and into the Village where it broke up and wandered away.

My thoughts went immediately to "The Mist" or some weaponized trash fire from New Jersey. Everyone else in the office just snapped pictures and went back to their work.

Peter got stuck out in the storm and said it sounded like the subway car was under attack. I just thought that someone was throwing baseballs at our windows. The next morning, my tomatoes and coelous were shredded and the street looked like someone put Kermit through the woodchipper. It's hard to take a picture of an undifferentiated mat of green slush but here are some attempts.

Considering that the tornado and the hail storm made targeted attacks on Park Slope (and parts of Queens), I can't help but feel like the Gods Must be Angry. So, in my defense, you can see why I was a bit worried about the cloud of fog.