Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Spring

Happy Spring! We had a string of very hot weekends and now that it is actually spring, it feels like cold, dreary winter. It has been a busy and stressful spring so far. Lucky for you I don't write about my professional life on this blog but let's just say it has been a roller coaster. I've been quite unsettled and mopey the past two months, in fact, I've felt a bit like the world is fighting against me. I've realized, through the help of my best friend, that last spring was quite similar because there are so many markers around my dad's death: last meals, last movies, those sorts of things.

As always, my friends and family keep me going by offering endless conversation, hugs, always well timed phone calls and emails, and the reminder that while I've lost two really important people, there are so many still around (and another niece or nephew on the way!).

We've decided to hold off on the roof deck for a while. The cost of getting the bare minimum of what we wanted was just too high, even after splitting it a couple of ways. Plus all of the estimates came with the caveat "if we don't find asbestos", a terrifying phrase.

The window boxes are good but the beer hasn't been working out. We've had tow skunked batches so far but hold out hope for our third.

To continue this random list, I accomplished something that I had always dreamed about: I turned a double play in softball. I know that sounds silly BUT it was one of those physical goals that I've had for myself. Most people want to run a marathon or something of that nature but I don't share those dreams, I just wanted to turn a real double play (not the kind where you catch the ball and step on the bag, those are a dime a dozen). So thanks guy playing shortstop for cleanly fielding the ball and tossing it to me and thanks guy on first for catching my pretty decent throw. To be honest, I actually turned two double plays in last weeks games, for thanks again shortstop and first and thanks to the girl who stopped running because she thought that there were already two outs.