Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things I want for my birthday...

My birthday is just around the corner and I thought I would list a few, simply gifts in case you're sick of buying me books and wine. In no particular order:

A Tesla- We saw a review of this well priced car on "Top Gear" last week and it sold me on electric cars. Not only could we scoot around Park Slope, we could do it with all the smugness and piety of a prius owner while being able to drag race down Hamilton Ave. I prefer grey or black. I would also like to share my birthday with the guys from Top Gear if at all possible.

Tesla Motors

I need a new chair for our reading nook. Something mid-century danish would be nice.

Here is a reasonably priced alternative to an original

I have decided that I really like chunky cocktail rings, Abby has a few and they are pretty great. I have a tendency to wait about 3 years after something has become fashionable so I'd like to be proactive this year and have someone buy me one of these. Blue is my favorite color...

This is only a suggestion, my only requirements are platnium and blue stone

Now that I've put my dad's lenses through their paces I'd like another one of my very own. We've been wishing for a wide angle lens for the cameras and this would be a nice companion. I of course want the most expensive one, but let's be honest, they are all pretty damn expensive.

Just consider it a downpayment on your christmas photos, which I will take for you for life

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Excuse my txt speak but these bookshelves are freaking huge. That's me, sitting in the bookshelf. They are finishing up today after having to perform all sorts of surgery to get the shelves level on our floor.

Monday, August 10, 2009

So Sleepy

So I've actually made good progress on my nesting list, especially today. I painted the bathroom a nice blue/grey and then began installing the bookshelves. The funny part of the project, at least to me, is how different it is in my head than it is in my living or bath room. The bathroom is still a bit dark and sad compared to the cheery yellow and the base of the bookshelves look enormous, like they could swallow our house.

I would much rather make a mistake on the paint color than the bookshelves!

On a totally random note, I got the first tomatoes from the garden and booked our Seattle vacation!