Monday, March 31, 2008

First Night

It must be obvious to everyone who has looked out of our living room windows, but we have an incredible view of the sunset. It would be less obvious, if you come into our bathrooms, that the grout was something other than brown/grey. After a bit of compulsive scrubbing it turns out that its white. Finally, one of the most exciting things about being back in NYC is the 24 hour deli on our corner.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

We've closed...and almost open for business

So we closed on Tuesday. It was a bit terrifying but I think our impersonation of zombies was the right way to go. Our real estate agent and lawyer were incredible. Our best of luck to the seller who is moving to his dream house a few neighborhoods away. I have never seen someone so excited to have a yard for gardening.

I'm driving up from DC tomorrow with a car full of stuff and will meet some contractors to get the floors refinished. We're hoping to start Battlestar and Lasagna Fridays again so like I said, we're almost open for business.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hooray Beer!

Just keeping with the Caribbean theme of the whole thing...

Other bedrooms

We have two other bedrooms, one will be a study and the other will be for you to stay in with the nice queen sized bed. The picture of the smaller room (with all the boxes) has the beautiful molding.

Master bath

So, the current bathroom matches our china! It has navy tile with bright yellow matte wall paint. It also has an unfortunate purple door. It has a huge window right across from the toilet (Hello Neighbors!). Sorry again about the photo orientation.

The Master

Apparently we've upgraded from a bedroom to a master suite. Here it is with the fish eye.

Just another view of the bedroom. There is a fireplace and chimney on the wall behind the bed. It would be cool to have but it may melt the tempurpedia bed. I say it's worth it.

This is probably the best part of the whole place, our window reading area. It has the original plaster molding and window details.

The infamous doors...

The seller painted all of the doors (both sides) various shades of colors, from navy blue to what can only be described at puke green. The only explanation gives was "My wife is from the Caribbean". We're hoping that the wood underneath the doors (and molding) is a nice hardwood and we can strip them down to natural wood.

The Kitchen - soon to be revised

The kitchen with its bright blue tile. The consensus seemed to be that the blue tile was the best part of it.

Kitchen from down the hall. One of these days I'll learn how to orient pictures, until then you'll have to use your neck.

Living room

The living room/dinning room area. Don't mind the weird fish eye lens. The room is about 12' x 22 ' with windows on 3 sides. You can see the beautiful moldings around the windows and the strange choice of glossy paint for the ceiling.

Another fish eye photo of the living room from the kitchen.

Our Walk through

Our building is the big red one with Liberty written on the top. We're on the top floor.

Us looking goofy on the roof.